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Call center working hours: Monday - Saturday, 8:00 to 18:00. After 18:00, you can write to us via messengers
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Call center working hours: Monday - Saturday, 8:00 to 18:00. After 18:00, you can write to us via messengers
Call center working hours: Monday - Saturday, 8:00 to 18:00. After 18:00, you can write to us via messengers
Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

What you need to know before cleaning

Time of cleaning

We offer a flat rate. We calculate it based on the set of services that we provide and the approximate time spent on them. Effectively, we have a flat rate for certain services, sets of services or the work hours of our employees. For instance, oven cleaning always costs UAH 179, even if it takes an hour and a half to wash it. But the price for cleaning of a one-room apartment is based on approximately three to four hours of work. If it takes five hours, we can ask you to pay more, warning you in advance and running it by you first.

If you book an appointment on the website, you will see the approximate time of the cleaning on the right, and our agents will also inform you of it on the phone. If we need some 40 minutes of extra time, the price will not change. If it takes more time, we will tell you as soon as we can that the price will change. This usually happens at the very beginning of the cleaning. Extra time costs UAH 200 per hour. If the cleaning takes more time through our fault, you will not be charged more.

In an absolute majority of cases, the price will not change.

Deep clean

We mostly avoid this word. Any cleaning that we do is thorough. What you may consider deep cleaning would be standard cleaning plus several extra services. If you need to have an apartment cleaned that has not been cleaned or lived in for several years, or where something happened, please contact us to discuss that service.

Why the price can change

The most common reason is wrong calculation of windows. If there are just a few sections that you failed to consider, we won't even mention it and your pricing will not change.

The second reason is if the apartment has been renovated but you have ordered a regular cleaning. In that case, we immediately notify you of a different rate.

The third reason is how dirty the apartment is. If it takes significantly more time than usual, we will suggest that you pay for the extra hours. We can usually estimate the time that the cleaning will take pretty well before it even starts. If we have made a mistake in our calculations, you do not pay for it.

How do you calculate windows?

We count two window sections not reaching the floor as one window. They can be of different sizes, this does not affect the price. One section reaching the floor is calculated as one window. Double windows count as two windows. In the winter, we only wash the windows on the inside. If the windows are double, they are still washed only on one side in winter.

Wet-dry vacuum cleaner

We have dry-wet vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is always an extra service, which is performed by a separate service. That is why you can book a dry cleaning at the same time as the home cleaning; this will not affect the time that it takes.

When do you assign two people to clean my home?

If the expected time it will take to complete your cleaning takes over 10 hours, we always assign two staff members. In rare cases, at your request, we can assign two people for shorter appointments.

Cancellation policy

We try not to call you after you have made a booking. You can see a confirmation message. That message is sent by an actual person, and it means that a cleaner has been assigned to your home. If you asked questions in the "additional information" section of the booking form, we will make sure to get back to you. If you have checked that you have a shower cabin or pets in the house, we will not bother you, but rest assured that we have seen this information. You can cancel or edit your booking without a phone call up to 12 hours before the appointment starts.

Methods of payment

We accept two forms of payment: in cash (after the cleaning) or by a credit card online (you can pay before or after the cleaning, and we allow a slight delay). We also work with legal entities.

Can one person clean for 6-8 hours?

Yes, it is a regular situation in the cleaning industry. Our cleaners take breaks and don't overexert themselves. If necessary, a second cleaner can come in and help.

Who are our cleaners?

We have a big experienced team. All our employees are carefully selected and trained. We have staff members who have done over 500-600 cleaning appointments. Currently, the average number of cleanings per person is 100.

Kärcher vacuum cleaner

We always use Kärcher vacuum cleaners for post-renovation cleaning. We can use them for standard cleanings as well, but not always. Our cleaners have hand-held vacuum cleaners, but we try to listen to you if you think we will need a more powerful vacuum cleaner.

The size of the vacuum cleaner does not always directly correlate with the quality of the cleaning, but a powerful one is sometimes truly indispensable. Please discuss such orders over the phone or leave your request in the "additional information" field when you make a booking online.

Compliance with instructions

Can we sometimes wash the chandelier or walls even though our guidelines say we don't do that? Yes. Do you always have to pay for it? No. The situation can be assessed by our cleaners on site and by our managers when you make a booking.

Post-renovation cleaning

Our idea of what you receive at the end of this cleaning is quite simple: a clean apartment where you can live right away.

The start time of the cleaning

Some people need us to arrive at the exact time they specify in their order, but we usually try to start the cleaning itself at the specified time. That is why our cleaners arrive ten minutes in advance. If you need them to arrive at the exact time that you specify, please tell us when you make your booking.

You can also choose the option "start the cleaning at any time" when you make your booking. In that case, our managers will contact you in advance.

Dry cleaning

Not all stains are removable. We cannot guarantee 100% result, but we can guarantee that our staff will make every effort to remove the stains and fully comply with the dry cleaning procedure. We have the lowest percentage of complaints and claims concerning dry cleaning. In 99% of cases the furniture becomes visibly cleaner and our clients are happy with our work.


We accept claims concerning the quality of our cleaning within three days of the cleaning. However, if you weren't at home or you noticed visible violations a week later, please message us. We will contact the staff member, study the photos that you provide and respond to you.